About the Artist


My name is Holly Rogan. I was born in 1990 and I am an artist studying at Stony Brook University. I have a variety of interests, ranging from cute animals to not so cute animals to videogames and collecting plush, namely Pokemon. I have been a “Pokenerd” since the games came out and I still play them. I like a variety of games, ranging from shooters, to platformers to survival horror, like Silent Hill and titles from Frictional Games.

This fellow here is important because whenever he appears, you can rest assured that the work he is stamped on is one of mine. He was designed for use on another site when I went under the alias “Wind-Swept-Canid,” so if you remember seeing him, I’m that same person, so no need to worry about a copycat. While I no longer use an alias, I still like this watermark and think it it unique enough to be used on my own work.

EDIT: This watermark is outdated and has been replaced with the following:


It has my DeviantART name, which I intend to keep on a permanent basis. Please note that although the wolf watermark is not being used in any future works, it is still a symbol of ownership to me and me alone.

If you are curious about my art, wish to buy a work or are just interested in shooting the breeze, feel free to e-mail me at hlrogan@verizon.net. I am generally courteous and will help you as best I can.

All of my art is copyrighted to myself, though if I have included a character that is not my own I always give credit.

If you are going to reblog my work, I would really appreciate full credit, as I did create these works myself. If you try to claim them as your own, we will have a problem, so please don’t do that.

General Q’s and A’s

Q.  How do you produce your work?

A. I primarily work in pencil, then usually use a fine liner to create a stable outline to either color in with Prismacolor Markers or to crosshatch with the fine liner I used for outlining. I am going to get back into painting once I have more time, right now I am just too busy with school. I have also worked in clay, wood, lithography, lino cut printmaking, dry point etching, ceramics, and acrylic and oil painting.

Q.  How long does it take to produce a work?

A. It all depends on how involved it is, how many different media I use, and, sadly, on my mood sometimes. Typically, I can draw and outline in about two hours, coloring doesn’t take as long. To crosshatch a whole piece usually takes up to a week, maybe less if I’m feeling ambitious. I will usually work on 8X11″ cardstock paper, as it is receptive to pencil, ink and the alcohol-based Prismacolor markers.

Q. Can I buy your work?

A. You most certainly can! Pricing is negotiable, but I will probably start with a flat rate and calculate shipping from there. I would ask that we deal through Paypal, as it is secure for both the buyer and myself, the seller. Unless otherwise specified, works on this site are for sale. If you are interested in buying a work, please feel free to e-mail me at hlrogan@verizon.net and we can discuss it.

I will add more Q’s and A’s as I see fit. Have a nice day! 🙂



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