Ceramic Dog Idol

Bisque fired, meaning the clay itself was fired, no glaze added.

Fired the second time with a bronze glaze overcoat, about two to three thick coats.

A Ceramics assignment, using the Pinch method of building. I’m not sure why I made the legs look like tree trunks, the only stipulation was that there had to be negative space beneath the sculpture. I loved how the glaze settled into the textured areas and enhanced them, I was pleasantly surprised when this came out of the kiln. Thank you, awesome teacher’s assistants!

Medium: Clay, fired into ceramic with bronze glaze


2 Responses to “Ceramic Dog Idol”

  1. It looks awesome! I love how exaggerated the features are, it’s something I haven’t really seen before :3 The feet are my favorite part!

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it. The feet were actually a last-minute thought because I really wasn’t sure what to do with the head since it needed a base. I built the head and base separately, then glued then together with clay slip (which smells really awful). The glazing was hard because I couldn’t get into every nook and cranny and now that I have it home it’s driving me crazy that I missed some spots. Of course, I am the first to be overly critical of my own work xD

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