Ceramic Raptor in a Box

Clay raptor, pre-firing

Post firing, with a paint job.

A velociraptor in a little box. I wanted him to look as though he was in a packing crate like the Jurassic park movies. He was part of the Slab assignment in Ceramics. The slab is the box, a few thin clay walls and a bottom piece that acted as a base. He was painted with acrylic Liquitex paints. I personally love the little guy, he’s so darkly whimsical.

Medium: Clay fired into ceramic with acrylic paint


2 Responses to “Ceramic Raptor in a Box”

  1. I think this is a tie for my favorite ceramic piece I’ve seen of yours. The whale you made really sticks out in my mind but I do love this one too! The box detailing is amazing. Those little holes (and the lines that jut out from them, not sure what to call them) look so real! The scratch marks on the side are also really well done. I feel like an adult dinosaur tried to claw its’ way in 🙂 The scales on the velociraptor are really great too, they look just like artist renditions of dinosaurs in museums. I like the colors you chose to paint it with as well, and just how abstract the idea of a dinosaur in a box is. Really awesome work!

  2. Funny you should mention the whale, I need to post him here. The whale actually isn’t ceramic, it’s clay that was converted to a plaster mold, then sanded down and painted. That was a fun process, but I ended up losing his flippers due to their fragility in the mold 😦

    Thanks! The raptor was probably one of the most fun ceramics projects. The lines are cracks in the box. The circular holes were meant to simulate bullet holes, but I’m not sure if I made the entry look right. The scratches were a lot of fun to do, clay is a really nice medium to work with when it cooperates.

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