Cervile, Harbinger of The End Days

Well, I set out to draw an elk, and it somehow turned into this monstrosity. He is called Cervile. Cervine is the name given to deer and deer-like animals, and the vile part has a dual meaning. ‘Vi’ is the first part of the word vitality, meaning life. Vile indicates decay or evil, but Cervile isn’t either good or evil, he is just a neutral, albeit very powerful force. He is both a harbinger of destruction and a herald of rebirth, as fire is both a destroyer and a cleanser. Think of forest fires and how new growth begins to sprout around the dead, decaying material.  He is both hated and loved, revered and feared. He is living duality.

His body is an amalgamation of flesh and magma. Don’t ask how that’s possible, I really have no idea. I was looking up references for how hot/molten metal looked, which is what his antlers are supposed to look like, as well as the bands around his feet. The two spires jutting from his back were supposed to look as though they were comprised of lava, but getting detail into such a small space isn’t easy with the markers.

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor Fine Liner (nib .1 mm), Prismacolor Art markers and White paint Sharpie


One Response to “Cervile, Harbinger of The End Days”

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