Demon Equine

I was drawing a horse, then all the feathery appendages sort of happened. Also, I used ‘demon’ in somewhat of a different sense here. I don’t think all demons or demonic looking things are bad, my thinking is that this is simply a creature of the underworld and has neither good nor evil tendencies. Demon is more of a label or generalization than anything else, which I suppose is sort of ironic given my argument.

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor fine liner (nibs .005 and .1 mm), Prismacolor Art markers and White paint Sharpie marker.


2 Responses to “Demon Equine”

  1. This is really incredible! I’m not sure I’ve seen the color and shading technique before but I really love it. It sets the mood for the figure itself, and is original too. The tail looks extremely realistic, and the chain is a great touch. It’s amazing how you’re able to start drawing and envision it as you create it. Your drawings have such neat details, things I’d never think of, but they really tie the pieces together.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I had a ton of fun with this guy, I loved coloring him especially.

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