Dead Space Leaper

A Necromorph from the game Dead Space and Dead Space 2. Possibly one of the best series I have ever played, both scary as hell and actually very touching. These beings are dead bodies that were re-animated by an alien virus, making them disfigured and violent. The Leaper is a Necromorph that can use its tail (comprised of a victim’s legs and intestines) to spring into the air. The head of its human host has been grossly stretched to accommodate large mandibles that gnash furiously at anything it sees. Their arms are also abnormally long to help them jump. It is especially deadly in zero gravity, because they can still cover a great distance relatively quickly. Killing them is hard because they are so fast; cutting off both arms, severing the tail, or stomping down hard enough on it seem the most efficient ways to kill a Leaper. Decapitation will not kill the creature, only piss it off.

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor Fine Liner (.005 mm)

Important disclaimer: I do not own the design or rights to the “leaper” character, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games do. This was not made for profit.

This work is NOT FOR SALE. Thank you.


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