Skyrim Werewolf

Something productive out of my gaming binge, a werewolf from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Awesome game, a fantastic RPG, and I wasn’t really that into the ES series at all until now. I tried Oblivion but I didn’t really like it. As for this guy, he was very easy to draw and color. I posed his model in a wonderful program called XNALara, then used that as a visual reference. This is entirely hand-drawn. To achieve the blue skin tone, I first gave the were a brown underlay, then layered over with cool greys. I love these werewolves because of their beastly appearance, a hideous fusion of man and creature, just what a werewolf should be (I believe).

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor fine liner (nib .1mm), and Prismacolor art markers

Important disclaimer: I do not own the design or rights to the “ skyrim werewolf” character, Bethesda Softworks does. This was not made for profit.

This work is NOT FOR SALE. Thank you.


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