I Accept Your Challenge

Just one of many dragons that I like to draw. He’s supposed to have something of a snooty air about him, but he is also polite enough to give you fair warning before he dives head-first into an altercation with you. I love drawing wings, but I find them very difficult to draw, mainly because I’m still not entirely positive I can draw them folded in on themselves. I’ll work on it.

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor Fine Liner (nib .1mm)


4 Responses to “I Accept Your Challenge”

  1. The feet are so incredible. The whole dragon looks fantastic, but there is something really neat about how you have positioned the legs/feet in space. I love how the toes are done too, it looks so realistic. The face is also really well done. I love the narrowed eyes, and the differentiation in shading on the different features. This dragon definitely has a confident aura, and maybe even slightly confrontational if provoked 🙂

    • Thank you! His feet were tons of fun to shade, and I’m starting to get better at perspective and objects in relation to the space in which they exist. Dragons are too much fun x3

  2. your uncle Brian has a dragon tat with the puffy tail versus the war-like spearhead tail. Yours has a much nicer head.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it 🙂

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