Ibex Dragon

A dragon I recently made up, based loosely off of the Ibex, a sort of mountain goat. Personality wise, it is very vicious and territorial, though this kind of behavior can be discouraged once it has been tamed. Even when they are tame, however, they are very stubborn and proud, and they often don’t like to admit that they did or said something wrong. The backwards curved horns are borrowed from the Ibex, as well as the long, greyish beige fur. Instead of claws, they have paws with tough paw pads and hard nails. The nails can become brittle if the dragon’s skin doesn’t have enough moisture, which is a serious problem in its arctic environment.  The end of its tail has two small barbs that inject a paralyzing poison that causes its prey’s muscles to seize up. Though the effect is temporary, the Ibex dragon can usually kill its quarry before it wears off. Its body is stocky and resilient, and its wings allow it to fly much faster than it can run with its short legs.

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor Fine liner (.01 mm), Prismacolor art markers, and white paint Sharpie


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