Leave Me Alone

This was a work I submitted to the MAMA Art Show in 2011 October 31st. It is sort of an expression of frustration and the feeling of always being scrutinized, and it’s very internal and defensive. The spines ejecting themselves from the fetal organism are both a sign of defensiveness and a kind of interior strength, while the spike inside the uterus lead the viewer to thing that the baby doesn’t have long for this world. A heart is kept in a separate chamber, but whether this is the fetus’ heart or the heart of the beast who is housing the fetus isn’t clear.  The eyestalks have the ability to rotate and move on their own axis, so there is no small detail that at least one of them could not pick up.

All critique is encouraged.

Medium: Pencil, then Prismacolor Fine Liner (varying nib sizes from .005-.8 mm)

This work is NOT FOR SALE. Thank you.


4 Responses to “Leave Me Alone”

  1. Wow, I did not realize the inspiration behind this picture until I saw it here. I loved it when I first saw it, but I definitely have a new appreciation for the detail in it. I love art (drawings, movies, music, great literature) that has layers to it, and multiple vantage points to view it from. This definitely fits both of those criteria, it’s really astounding. It feels very authentic, and driven from true inspiration. Really incredible thinking, I love the details you put in there. It’s one of those times where I wonder “how did the artist think to do so many clever details all at the same time?” So impressive!

  2. Thank you so much, I am very touched that you liked it, as this is one of my more personal pieces.

  3. God I missed this… And missed you. It’s like you’re the only one now that can truly take my breath away doing something like this. To take every angle in a static idea and just present it in one full image, then twist it in ways people would never view, to really show that beauty comes from something else entirely. Not just appearance.

    When I see this, I can’t help but think of the song Symbiot by Celldweller. I get this feeling of one wanting to to be freed from all the horror it has been put through by another, but they can’t because they need it to survive. And it feels like there’s just so much emotion that it practically Bleeds or Screams it. Not to mention the shackles on it really throw in this modern form of imprisonment.

    Then there’s the heart. Looking like it’s being separated from the fetus/victim itself. In order to really help someone grow in a very fierce and brutal way, it’s like the parent does need to hide their heart sometimes. Yet you still kept it connected, and I love you for that.

    I wished I could’ve given you comments like this in all your pieces. Honestly you deserve it, you really do. You’re still my favorite artist by far, but I just truly suck at being a fan ><

    • Thank you for such an insightful and thoughtful comment, it was very enlightening to read. You have read into this in ways I hadn’t even intended, but are very much relevant. And you do not suck at being a fan, I’m flattered to have fans, period. I’m glad you connected so emotionally to this. I’m only sorry I can’t provide a meaningful reply to your reactions. Thanks again!

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